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Sunday, August 9, 2015

NARS Matte Multiple in Exumas; Feels Like in the Bahamas

Meet the newest item in my collection;
the NARS Matte Multiple in Exumas as part of NARS matte multiple family. Price wise? You know NARS. Satisfaction level: maximum. I can say that I am so in love with this newbie.

NARS Matte Multiple comes in 3 brown shades for contouring and 4 pop shades for blush and lip tint. What I love about NARS is because they always named their products with a very interesting geographical names, either world's cities, lakes, name of countries, gulf, cape and even those pervert names such as Sex Machine or Deep Throat (sorry, this is so age-restricted post :D) Since my fave school's subject was geography, so I can exactly guess what's behind each of NARS' product name and found it very attractive. 

Thanks to Cafe Make Up, for giving us the pretty swatches. Above is the complete NARS Matte Multiple collections and below is the swatches from the four pop shades; Anguilla, Exumas, Laos and Siam. Very pretty names, aren't they?

I initially wanted to try on Laos, because the rosy shade looks really tempting. However, I remember that I already owned two rosy shades (MAC Autoerotique and Sleek Rose Gold) and lack of peachy shades. I eventually picked Exumas, which name was taken from the group of islands in the Bahamas. I thought the name reminds me of summer, exactly similar with our season right now (minus the beaches in Jakarta).

I purchased at Strawberrynet.com when they had a promo and good deal. It is sold at USD 39 at NARS website. It consists of 7,5gr of product, quite small for a blush (and I wish I wouldn't finish it too soon). The color looks two times darker in the stick, yet very subtle when applied. Here is the swatch on the back of my hand, before and after blended.

The color is corally peach, not too pink nor orange. The result is amazing, I wear this from morning 7am and I can still see my cheeks glow at 3pm! I feel like being in the beach in the hot sunny Jakarta.

I can't believe that I am really impressed with this tiny product. The texture is easy to blend, and it's matte, so it fits my super oily skin and doesn't make me oilier at all! It doesn't accentuate my large pores and the most important thing is the fact that it doesn't have shimmer and glitters, but glow! The more hours you wear this, the more natural it looks.

This photo is taken at 1pm in the hot and sunny afternoon and after having outdoor activities, and moreover I applied this blush at 7am in the morning! My face looks dewy, and I am sure that I will use this blush until te last swipe, too, likey other NARS products.

How about you? Which shade is your favorite from the NARS Matte Multiple range?

See you in my next post ~xoxo

Friday, August 7, 2015

Matte Lipstick Madness #1: Australis Velourlips in Doo-Bai

I feel ashamed when I saw the last update I made to this blog was December 2014.

Yes, pardon me for not being a consistent beauty blogger and probably the laziest in town. However, during my absence, don't ask me how many stuff I tried and bought to discover my make up journey. Tons of new shades of foundation (and ended up reselling items that didn't suit me), a few powders, and a couple of matte lipsticks slash lip cream. 

These matte lipsticks are now really in the hype. Two-three years ago, I started to fall in love with Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge Lip Cream even though the price was more expensive than even the regular MAC best-selling lipsticks. Yet, nowadays, the matte lip creams come in hundreds color: from nudes to bolds, from neutrals to pops. It comes in a fair price to the doesn't-make-any-sense one. It's like 2015 trend, and begun with Lime Crime Velvetines series that were launched mid last year, which according to me, very disappointing and doesn't live up to the hype at all.

And my effort to discover the matte lip creams continued. One of my colleagues, when having a business trip to Sydney, successfully bought me this gem; Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream. I heard that this brand only available in Australia, and I was curious to try one of its shades. I initially wanted to try on Buda-Pash (yes their names were inspired from exotic cities in all over the world but with 'slang' spelling) the dark red that recently being loved by all women in the universe, but, consider its wearability, I ended up picking Doo-Bai instead. I found it's a really pretty shade, which is not real red but not too wine nor cherry. 

It just looks like an ordinary dark red in the tube. But wait until I swatch it on the back of my hand. These Velourlips come in fabulous shades such as Tok-io (bright purple), Pa-Ree (nude beige), Bar-Tha-Lo-Na (bright pink-based red), Shang-Hi (bright fuchsia), Ro-Ma (baby pink) which really compliments the fair skinned girls, and many more.

Now you can see how different Doo-Bai when swatched and in the tube. You can see the touch of wine there, not purple, not pink. I just super loooove this. I am really bored with pink-based red, the most common red shades sold in Indonesia. The color payoff is good, and buildable. Here I only swatched 1 layer, and it can be deep red if I swatch some more layers. Like this:

That's exactly how it looks on lips, with two layers. It makes my lips look fuller and plumper. With the price of around AUD 10 (around IDR 100,000), this is the best matte lip cream I have ever worn. The formula is super soft, application is easy and not patchy, though you must be careful to fill up your lips with this kind of color, because once it goes out of the lip line, you have to prepare your oil-baded remover to vanish the stain! On the other side, that means the staying power is incredible. And it's not smudging and fading like I experienced with Lime Crime.  It doesnt' dry out my lips, too, which is awesome considering its low price. In Indonesia, you can get it at several online stores at around IDR 175.000-IDR 200.000.

My complete look wearing this shade. Details are: NARS single eye shadow in fez and ABh dipbrow pomade in dark brown for eyes, MUFE hd foundation no. 160 and Bobbi Brown sheer pressed powder in warm natural as base, NARS matte multiple in exumas for cheeks and Australis velourlips in doo-bai on lips. And I am ready-set-go for this weekend!

Please leave your comments and follow my account for upcoming reviews. I will be posting this Matte Lip Cream Madness series for two or three more from other brands. Stay tune! -xoxo-