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Monday, June 9, 2014

Trend Warna Sariayu 2014 - Inspirasi Borneo: Swatches & Review

When a pretty green box came to my door this week, I was totally excited. It was in April when I posted and reviewed two pinkish lipsticks from Sariayu (see my review here), but this time I attempted to try all four lipsticks from Inspirasi Borneo, its latest 2014 Color Trend, collection. Moreover, I also could see-touch-wear the newly-invented mousse foundation from Sariayu for the first time, which reminds me a lot to my favorite Maybelline's. Didn't skip even for 24 hours to try these cuties out!

Eco-inspired green box
As you already knew that Sariayu, one of our biggest cosmetic companies in Indonesia who has exported the products to some of our neighbor countries, releases the Color Trend each year. This year, the colors are inspired from Borneo, ancient name of Kalimantan island. Dayak is the major tribe who lives there.

Slight information: Dayak tribe is a tribe that had great respect for nature. they are always protecting the environment. Dayak tribe always protect the forest wealth in the form of plants and animals as well as possible.Dayak tribe has a very beautiful traditional clothes. Pattern typical Dayak tribes who formed an array of colorful beads adorn the sharp contrast of black cloth, which used as a base for traditional clothes Dayak. So that shows the meaning of the Dayak tribe with the wise use of nature in everyday life.

Insipirasi Borneo full range: Mousse Foundation, Lipstick, Eyeshadow Trio, Marshmallow Blush-On
By looking at the range that they provided, Sariayu has successfully interpreted the Dayak into its color selections. You can see from the three eyeshadows trio that they have below.

Eyeshadow Trio:
(left to right: Borneo-03, Borneo-02, Borneo-01)
Borneo-01 Coelogyne Marthae consists of dark purple, coral and lime green.
Borneo-02 Manik Banuaka consists of baby pink, electric blue and yellow.
Borneo-03 Tikar Badai consists of light beige, brown and brownish black

I used to be a fan of smokey eyeshadows so based on my preference, i would obviously pick Borneo-03 as my most favorite. But this time, the one that attracted me most is Borneo-01. Why? Because it was said that the colors are taken from Coelogyne Marthae, an orchid species found in Sarwak Borneo on lower tree trunks in flooded heath forests at elevations of 50 to 300 meters.

So beautiful, isn't it?
Sariayu's interpretation on Coelogyne Marthae
Inspired from above picture, I was really keen to apply those products on my own. I applied the purple on eyelid, bold and deep, so that I didn't need to use eyeliner anymore. I applied the second layer above with the coral one, then the green lightly for highlight at the upper lid. Here's the result:

I am using Borneo-01
The pigmentation is holy great! One swipe each and you get the color. For this trial, I used Bare Minerals Prime Time Eye Primer as base. This primer is not really good compare to Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but the color still showed up :) With the low price tag, you would never go wrong to purchase these eyeshadows. The only one downside is the packaging. No matter how I love the design with beautiful printed cultural attributes that representing Borneo, the plastic packaging makes me feel worried and extra careful not to drop this because it will be easily broken.

Pigmentation: A
Color selections: B+
Packaging: B-
Price: $
(Overall rating: 3.9/5.0)

Mousse Foundation:

Hello, Maybelline. This one is potential to be your rival! The mousse foundation looks like Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, but smaller and a lot lighter since the packaging made by plastic that makes this easy to carry and travel-friendly. Unlike Maybelline, this mousse foundation only comes in 2 shades: Light and Natural. Don't get caught by the color in the pan, it looks so dark that even I thought I would be suitable wearing Light. But, when I applied to my face, Light is true to its name. It's too light for my medium skin. For you whose skin is in the range of NC20-NC30, this one is perfect color for you. This also has a very strong yellow undertone, like any other regular foundation and powder products of Sariayu (which understandable because most of Indonesian women are having yellowish skin tone)

Left: Light; Right: Natural

Meanwhile, the Natural seems too dark and scary in the pan. It looks like darkest beige leaning to brown. But again, don't judge the color from outside. Because after I applied, the color wasn't that brown on skin. This one will suit you who have NC40 skin or above, or NW35 skin and above. Yes, this has neutral undertone which both NC and NW type can use. Including me. I am NW30/NC35 at the moment and I ended up combining these two shades into one to get the most-suited color on my face. And what my take on the product? Although it's not as 'mousse' as Maybelline's texture, but it's still easy to blend. The coverage is superb, it's medium to full. It hides redness, dark circles and heavy acne marks. Another miracle in life when applying foundation only could make me survive without concealer :)

Left: bare face; Right: with Light and Natural combined
Coverage: A
Texture: B
Longevity: B
Packaging: B
Price: $$ 
(Overall rating: 3.6/5.0)


This one is my favorite part because I always happy to try out lipsticks! And Sariayu, I think they made huge improvement on their lipsticks nowadays. Besides the wide range of color selections in each of its Color Trend, they also enhanced the quality of the product by adding UV shield as protection and natural moisturizer to prevent lips from dryness.

Let's see how it goes...

(left-right: Borneo-04, Borneo-03, Borneo-02 and Borneo-01)
Borneo-01 (yellow-based medium coral pink)

Borneo-02 (yellow-based bright red)
Borneo-03 (neutral-based light fuchsia)
Borneo-04 (neutral based brownish nude pink)
Color selection:B+
Longevity: B-
Packaging: B
Price: $ 
(Overall rating: 3.8/5.0)

Which one is your favorite? As a nude lips extreme, I definitely would pick Borneo-04. But, since I haven't bought any coral pink color for so long, I think my favorite this time is Borneo-01. The color is bright but not too much to wear at the office. My least favorite is Borneo-03, as I often found this kind of color in many other Sariayu lispticks (from previous Color Trends). But overall, for the price around IDR 30k, having 4 lipsticks at the same time is definitely not a sin :)

See you at my next review! ~xoxo~

PS. This is a sponsored review, but review was made based on my trusted opinion. Thanks for Sariayu for sending me the complete range of Inspirasi Borneo. 
I loved it so much <3 <3


  1. thanks for the review! kebetulan aku suka ngoleksi make up sariayu. mousse foundation sama lipstick coral medium nya boleh juga nih dicoba.

  2. wow complete bgt review nya

    mind to follback ?

    1. siip nanti di follback ya. thanks udah mampir :)

  3. keceee badaiiii intaaaaaann,,akhirnya ketemu blog kamu hahahah,,,

    1. hai puts, susah ya nemu blog ku? namanya yang lama susaj diinget, jadi udah diganto biar lebih catchy. jangan lupa follow yaaaa :*

  4. waaaahh asik banget! Gimana dapet nya? Keren euy :D

    1. Hai darling, kayaknya waktu itu karena aku pernah review lipstick Sariayu deh, hehe, so they asked me to review even more for their products :) hayuk ah ketemuan lagi, kapan next event yang paling deket? ^.^

    2. asiiikk, banyak mainan baru jadinya hihi :P
      blm tau nih event, suka ketinggalan soalnya kadang2 liatnya, kmaren sempet daftar di eventnya female daily, belum sempet ngajak2 ternyata uda penuh quotanya >_<
      kl ada event bilang2 ya :*

  5. nice review kakk!! pengen compact foundation sma lipsticknya yg borneo 1&3 >.< btw, itu yg light kegelapan ga yah buat kulitku? soalny pernah coba foundation sariayu kykny menjurus ke kuning semua shadeny haha :3

    1. hai cantik, makasih ya udah mampir. hmmm mousse foundation nya emang kuning bangetttt, kulitmu kan agak nge-pink ya, saranku mungkin bisa di-combine sama foundation favorit buat finishing aja supaya hasilnya lebih matte. karena kalau pakai mousse foundation, kita gak perlu bedak lagi. lipstick-nya pasti yg borneo-01 bagus banget di kamu. hayoo beli, harganya friendly sekali loh *racun* :) hihihi