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Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Fresh Look ColorBlends in Green

WARNING - My first review on cosmetic soft lenses. Beware of the scary-looking reddish eyes :D
2006, that was the last time I wore the cosmetic soft lenses. Such a long time ago. Moreover, I am not suffered from any minus eyes so I've never worn any glasses before. When I started working in that year, I had to cut all my unnecessary expenses, as my first salary was just enough to cover transport, meals and phone bills (hello freshgrad, what did you expect?). No kidding. Since I started working, I decided to close the additional credit card account from my parents and tried to build my life from the beginning (my God, how could I be so wise back then?).

Recently, after being a beauty blogger for about 6 months, I am really wondering how will I look if I am using soft lenses, and how nice it will compliment my EOTD and eye make up even though I feel so amateur :D Previously my fave color was grey, I bought X2 (when Krisdayanti was still being the brand ambassador -- eh, have you born yet?) and so much satisfied with it. If possible, I would find one of my old pictures in my old PC at my parents' house later. I remember that I owned 3 soft lenses in Turquoise, Grey and Hazel. My least favorite was the hazel, as it didn't look stand out on me, since originally I have very black eyes, so the hazel colors only blurred the black to a little bit brownish.

Last week, I ordered two sets of soft lenses through Lensza. I found that the purchasing process was really fast and easy, plus the price are slightly cheaper than most of other online shops. I bought Exoticon ICE No. 8 Nude Eyes in Grey and X2 Gold. When I opened the box, I was so excited that Lensza gave me one sets bonus; the Freshlook ColorBlends in Green. Let's see how it looks on me :)

FreshLook ColorBlends in Green
FreshLook ColorBlends in Green
How it looks on me
My take for this product:
  • The color is green but so natural. Especially if you have super black eyes, the green will appear dark, more like a forest green. It is suitable for daily, though I haven't tried to wear this under sunlight, but I am sure that this color is wearable at any ocassions
  • The ingredients said that it has 55% of water so it feels pretty comfortable. Mind my reddish eyes, I was so shocked when I tried this out after years. My eyes surely need time to adjust
  • Very soft texture
  • Easy to find
  • Quite expensive compare to other brands
  • Only recommended to use for a month, so it's not so long lasting 
  • Overall score 3.8/5.0
With FreshLook Colorblends in Green under room light

My EOTD. Products used: Estee Lauder Duo Eye Shadow in Enchanted Forest, Sephora Debut Pret a Porter Palette in Pink, Mizzu Pen Eyeliner in Black, TheBalm Mary Lou for browbone highlight

What do you think about this color? Please share your thoughts :)

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