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Monday, December 23, 2013

Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum; So Long, Blackheads!

As long holiday's coming (read: less work in office), I am now super busy working on my new beauty blog (like, posting something daily? oh, get a life, LOL :D)

So, it's been a week since the blog was launched, and I have hit 519 pageviews. Not so bad. I don't have any particular mission by having a beauty blog. I am doing it for fun :) Moreover, I am not a high school or college students anymore with bunch of friends to be asked as followers. At my age, being a beauty junkie is totally an option (moreover because we need to earn money by ourselves, not just using my Dad's credit card like I used to do several years ago, hehehe) and a good make up is not cheap.

One day in office toilet, a friend with similar age as mine, said: " I think we need to invest more in skin care, you know, there are fine lines that are already visible on my late 20s skin, so I'm using Olay day and night."

I stopped coming regularly to aesthetics and dermatologist since a few years ago, and I realized that I haven't spent much on skincare but cosmetics. After taking bath, I stood a little bit closer to the mirror and DANG, suddenly I saw some fine lines in my under eye area, and how dull my face looks overall.

Using Olay, or any drugstore skin care products, is the last thing on my mind. First, my skin is acne-prone, quite sensitive towards a 'new' skin care products (but luckily my skin is OK using almost all cosmetics). Secondly, I tried Olay White Radiance Serum sometimes ago, but after finishing 75% of bottle (in a religious way), i found no difference at all. Even the price wasn't that cheap (around IDR 130,000). Not only I didn't see any visible difference, but I also didn't feel my skin smoother from within :(

My other friend introduced me to http://cosme-de.com. I used to shop at www.strawberrynet.com before, but seems like the price hikes up a lot after the Rupiah was weakened. At this new online shop, I decided to try SKII collections, a four-pieces travel kit for USD 44. Sadly, it turned out that SKII is not for me. I had  severe breakouts after using it for 2 days (thanks God I managed to sell the travel kit to my friend, with 20% less price. She is SKII's regular customer and the products fit her skin well).

At my most desperate point because of tiny bumps here and there that created by World's No.1 High Selling Skincare, another friend told me that she has been using Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum and it works well for her. Her skin became softer day by day and brighter. I bought it right away, from Korean Noona, because they had it in a travel size bottle of 30ml. The price is not more than IDR 70,000 include the shipping cost. Good deal!

This photo belongs to www.skinfood.sg

Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum is the new innovation in Skinfood's Black Sugar Cleansing Range. Previously, it is well known as cleansing product that effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells. This serum claims to deliver similar benefit as in the cleansing range, it contains the sucrose from Brazilian Organic Black Sugar which deeply hydrate and keep its natural moisture. It is also enriched by multivitamins and minerals to bring goodness to skin.

The travel-sized serum, with 3 pieces of cotton pads

It has a runny texture, more like a toner. If it is a serum, it's usually much more thick and more concentrated. The smell is fine, it reminds me of Tonymoly Egg Pore Pack but a bit more subtle. Quite similar to the scent of candy, maybe because it contains sucrose in it :)

My take on the product.

Well, my friend is telling me no lie. After read some reviews and recommendation to use it with its original cotton pads, I feel that my skin is much more clean. The cotton pads itself is very unique. It has two sides, the one is to exfoliate/cleanse, and the other one is to gently penetrate the serum onto skin. After using cleansing milk, wash my face with lukewarm water, I was surprised that the cotton pads could be like this:

Heck?! How come I always sleep with these dirts make-up residue on my face? Since then, I have been using this serum regularly, but more on cleansing purpose because it doesn't dry out my skin like regular alcoholic toner, instead giving me a smooth and soft feeling, like applying a cleansing oil without giving me an oily finish. Even it is safe to apply this in the morning, before applying BB cream or foundation, because it will be absorbed quickly on skin and giving a smooth canvas for you to create your make up. After using it day and night for 1 week, I notice that my nose area becomes better. I used to have a rough surface on my nose because of the blackheads and whiteheads, yet now I find that the blackheads are gradually gone and it becomes softer. Now I can tell that its claim to remove the dead skin cells is true!

I recommend this to everyone who has problematic skin because it did not break me out.

I am rating this product 4.1/5.0

The smell, texture, formula, are OK. But I haven't seen any brightening effect until 1 week of using. I would  give it 4.5 if it deliver this advantage (then I realize I become so picky in skin care products but not in make up :D).

My face is clean and moisturized at the same time after using Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum. Now I can sleep with no worry. Don't you feel to try? ~xoxo~

UPDATE: After 2 weeks using, I found that my face is brighter! But unfortunately I had some new zits, too. So, now I am thinking twice whether I should repurchase, or not.


  1. waaah jadi ini dipakai jadi semacam toner gitu yah.. kukira macam FTE nya SKII :D

  2. hai Diah...sebetulnya memang ini digunakan sebagai serum atau serupa essence-nya SKII, tapi menurutku bisa dobel fungsi alias bisa buat toner setelah cuci muka. soalnya cleansing powernya bagus :)

  3. wah lumayan dapet alternatif online store baru :D btw does the Black Sugar range have its own toner? If not, I perfectly agree with how you apply it as toner + serum, apalagi kalo applying ini juga pake cotton pads.

  4. Kayaknya gak ada Fen, cuma ada cleansing jelly, scrub/ foaming wash gitu deh. Bener, prefer pake ini untuk toner, karena berasa muka bersih dan dead skin nya luruh, hehehe :)