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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Urban Decay The Dangerous Palette; Are You Brave Enough?

Who doesn’t know the legendary Urban Decay with its Naked eyeshadow collections? Yet for me, Naked collections, though consist of dozen colors, are still inefficient, since my signature eyeshadows are bold. Bold, and as dark as possible. Not naked. Because my eyes are too small and they need to ‘dress’ more than just being ‘naked’.

But my curiousity towards UD eyeshadows was unbearable. As a beauty addict, at least I need to have one. Instead of spending more than half million Rupiah, I decided to buy this palette when it was on sale in Sephora online store. Luckily, a friend of mine who is living in US was about to come home. Believe it or not, I just needed to spend not more than USD 18 to buy this pretty palette. And now I know that it’s totally worth every penny.

UD Dangerous Palette, just like its Feminine Palette and Fun Palette, has a quite bulky packaging. It comes in six shades and a lip junkie as a bonus (which until now I haven’t opened because I am just not a lipgloss person). Gravity is a metallic purple, Loaded is a beautiful deep teal color, Evidence is a medium blue with soft silver hue, think about the color of blue jeans, which surprisingly becomes my least favorite.
On the second row there are Deeper, a gold shade with no glitters that looks very subtle on eyes, Mushroom is greyish taupe color which looks deeper on application, and Ace is dark navy which is more appealing than how it looks on the pan.

Left to right: Gravity, Loaded, Evidence, Deeper, Mushroom and Ace

My most favorites are Loaded and Ace, it could brighten my black eyes and make them bigger. Above all, these colors are amazingly pigmented so the palette is something a little goes along the way. Though Loaded and Ace are pretty dark, but I still can use it daily with light application because its matte finish. So there will be no glitter on my lids like when I am performing at an event with my choir.

I am rating this palette with 4.0/5.0

The bulky packaging indeed a downside because it’s to big to carry on my bag. The other miss is that Deeper and Mushroom are slightly fallen out. But overall, this stuff will never be neglected and will definitely preferable for those who love to make smoky eyes effect. Purple, green, blue, grey and gold in one palette? Come on, even for its original price tag (US$ 36), this wouldn’t be overpriced. ~xoxo~

Me with Ace on my lid. Not too much for office look, is it?

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