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Monday, December 30, 2013

OPI Stranger Tides: Joyful Green to End the Year

While lots of beauty bloggers demonstrated make up tutorial -- eyes, lashes, lips, cheeks -- I would like to share my review of OPI Nail Lacquer on Stranger Tides.

I am not kind of nail polish person, I don't posses beautiful fingers and tidy nails. Yet I am falling in love playing with colors gradation, and OPI, I must admit, has a very wide range of shade selections for nail polish. Although there are some colors with dupes, but sometimes, the color is one-of-a-kind, which you rarely can find in other brands.

When it comes to favorite shades, I'm always in love with pastels and pale ones, although I am not keen to wear brighter colors, too. My pick this time is part of OPI Pirates of Caribbean's 2011 collections. If you are a fan of nude and pastels, you may find that the colors are drop dead gorgeous!

Front: Skull & Glossbones. Sheer grey/taupe; Middle (left to right): Steady As She Rose. Light sheer purple, Sparrow Me The Drama. Muted pink/rose cream; Planks A Lot. Muted lavender; Back (left to right): Stranger Tides. Light dusty army-green;
Mermaid Tears. Beautiful dusty turquoise

Okay, so I decided to buy one. I was quite confused because I wanted to have all :D My top two favorites are Sparrow Me The Drama and Stranger Tides. I browsed on several online stores and YEAY, I found Stranger Tides was on sale here!

As described above, Stranger Tides is a very beautiful subtle dusty army-green, but don't get it wrong, the color is opaque enough with 2 coats of application and it has creamy texture, too. No shine, no shimmer, just a glossy cream. I would prefer to call it with baby green. I was quite surprised that the color, like usually happened with baby blue or baby purple, didn't wash my nails out.

OPI Stranger Tides with 2 coats application
My rating is 4.0/5.0

The downside probably because I found it's a bit uneven and difficult to apply, and of course, the price. OPI's price at counter in Jakarta is quite high, IDR 195,000 :(

 However, if it was on 50% sale, who would resist? ~xoxo~

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