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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sephora Indonesia's First Haul

Hello beauties,

As you already knew that Sephora has opened its first store in Jakarta (Plaza Indonesia), I was coming to the opening session on last Saturday,12 July after got some encouragement from my sister :P

So, a day before, my sister was asking me whether Sephora was really opening the store in Jakarta. I said, yes, it was not hoax. I got information that the first 100 customers would be given goodie bag. She was mesmerized. She's not typical of feminine woman, never wear any make up on her face (the latest beauty item she has is the first BB cream that she bought in The Body Shop), just because she's now a big baby, 20 years old :)

Before she jumped to me angrily because I am talking about her, let's just hear my story below =)

So, actually, at that moment I didn't need anything to add on my make up stash, but I don't know, I always have a reason add some :p Basically, my sister was curious on how the opening session would look like. I said, it would be more crowded than usual. So, we went to Plaza Indonesia at very early morning, 8AM. Can you believe that I could do this in fasting month? :)) We arrived at 9AM sharp, we went into the mall and we saw there were 7-8 girls before us in the queue. Ah, great, we must get the goodie bag, but the thing is, we must wait for 1 hour in this fasting month. Oh, no!

You can see on the top right, that we arrived early and was in the top 10 customers. I could not see how many people were behind us precisely, but I can tell that around 100 people coming at the store before 10AM. At 10AM sharp, they opened the store and welcome us with the a dance. That was hilarious.

I saw some make ups from Sephora line but too bad it's not as complete as in Singapore. Of course, far less complete than what Sephora USA has. Most of the brands can be found here already, such as Benefit, Laneige, Anna Sui, Clarins, Shiseido. I noticed some are new; Too Faced, Philosophy and Glam Glow. I was quite disappointed with their first collection in Indonesia, but I think they will keep growing and adding some more brands. I hope they will give us NARS soon!

However, we were still happy because of the goodie bag thingy. Although they were not generous in giving samples (only 2 sachet of Sephora primer samples and 1 sachet of Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion), they included a colorful mirror and a cute pouch. The biggest thing of the day was Sephora would give a beauty case for the first 150 customers who spent minimum IDR 750,000 at the store. We were rushing to be qualified in the race, as more and more people we saw coming to the store that morning.

So, here are what we grabbed:

Anna Sui Liquid Foundation #102 Medium Beige
Benefit They're Real Mascara (travel size)

Sephora Creamy Lip Stain #4 Endless Purple

Sephora Kohl Eye Pencil in Dark Grey

Sephora Glossy Lip Pencil #5 Glossy Pale Pink
We also bought an eyebrow from Bourjois but we didn't manage to capture it here, for Mom. Yes we were qualified to get the prize, and if you are wondering how the beauty case looks like, I'll give you the clear picture here:

See? It's a medium-sized black leather beauty case which can keep all my stuff neatly inside (the oversized canvas tote bag is a bonus!) I am glad that my make ups are no longer scattered everywhere :) Thanks my sis for accompanying me to Sephora <3

Will review the items later. Which one would you like to hear first? ~xoxo~

Me and my not-look-alike-sis, we did exist ;D


  1. KL's Sephora doesn't sell NARS too, perhaps, they won't stock it here too?


    1. hi Natasha, yes I know. Just wishing, hahaha. Btw, for me it's odd that NARS is not available in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, but they have stores in Thailland :p

    2. Nars is available in Singapore and Malaysia, they have separated store. I am sure about Malaysia, I go there before. You can Google about it to find the location.

      But I agree with you, hope Nars Coming soon, no matter inside or outside sephorea ^-^

      Jean Milka

    3. Seriouslyy? oh my god, where have I been? hahaha...even in some department stores in SG, I didn't see NARS counter at all. But I bet, the price in SG is too darn expensive ya?

    4. they have one store in KL, in bukit bintang if I'm not mistaken kk but I didn't visit their store when I visited KL TT

    5. Then it might be new? Last time I visited Bukit Bintang in June 2012 :D So long ago :P

  2. I also went to Sephora yesterday. But I was so disappointed as they actually don't have Urban Decay yet T.T
    I agree with you, the service wasn't satisfying at all. Every time I shop at Sephora I'd get samples, but the cashier didn't give samples until I asked them o.O Also, some of the BA should learn more about cosmetics as well.


  3. Hello Mitch, I TOTALLY agree with you. Their product knowledge surely needs to be developed. Actually I found that they were trying to give warm service, but when I asked about the Sephora Long Wear Foundation (that I I've hunted for long), they said that the Glowing & Hydrating one is the same. I understand because the Long Wear was not released here yet, but their suggestion was awfully wrong XP I bet if they said such things to the customer who doesn't have much care about cosmetics, they would still buy it :(

    Anyway, nice to know you. I followed your blog, mind to follback?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. salam kenal dear :)

    please visit and follow my blog


    1. hi Lexa, salam kenal juga. will follback soon yaaa! :)