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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Year End Wish: Shu Uemura Lip and Cheek Tint in Heroine Rose

"What makes a woman looks beautiful? 
 A clear luminous skin from within, and the red lips that shades 
 like a rose."

Please note that the above quote is just created by myself, not Marylin Monroe :D But I am quite serious when saying it. As a woman in late 20s, I fully aware that having a luminous skin is something too good to be true, especially to know that I have an acne-prone and oily-combination skin at the same time that always makes my face looks dull and uneven if I am not wearing any make up. And note that I was born with medium skin. Not fair. It's a total medium that even if I am using whitening products, I would look more weird because of color inconsistency between face and body. Thus, let's jump into the alternative; a lips that shades like a rose. This clearly looks more feasible for me :)

My addiction to make up has been established from long time ago, but it just keeps growing wild until now. At the moment, as a huge fan of matte lipstick, I am still looking for the best lipstick that stay all day on lips without fading. I just reviewed MUFE Aqua Rouge series and in that review, I mentioned that I am planning to buy MUFE Aqua Rouge in Pink #15 or Raspberry #10. Unfortunately, the USD rate hikes these months until it reaches IDR 12,000. Scary, huh? Buying some expensive stuff equal committing suicide.Better not, better wait until hopefully, everything back to normal (though I am not sure it will until the presidential election's done next year).

Okay. So I randomly saw a review on While You On Earth about the Shu Uemura's Takashi Murakami Princess Collection. some weeks ago, WOW! I am so impressed with the lip and cheek tint because it looks like a PERFECT rosy pink for me. For your information, I am a big fan of neutral/brown lipstick and feel so confident wearing those colors. I tried to find a good pink lipstick, but until now, none of them could replace my neutral lipstick at heart. They're either too bright and contrast to my skin, or even sometimes too ashy.

When I finished reading the review, I smiled. There's a chance, never been a better chance, to get it for FREE. I was rushing to open this giveaway contest and couldn't wait to participate very soon!

I knew Shu Uemura since long time ago, probably when I was around 11-12 years old, they opened their store in Indonesia. I saw that the color selections are very light and unique, from the lightest blue eyeshadow to the yellow lipstick. At that time I said; what? As a high end brand, I didn't manage to look for it. But as I grew up, I knew that this Japanese brand has a specific customers and has an amazing quality in their products, not only cosmetics but also its skin care. Well, you really got what you pay.

This Shu Uemura's Takashi Murakami Princess Collection has a beautiful artsy packaging which blew my mind. My curiosity continues and I keep on searching for other review

Heroine Rose is one of the 5 shades available. There are Dream Pink, Fuchsia Fun-tasy, Princess Coral, Magical Red and Heroine Rose, which I found that the most suitable color for my skin is the latest one. 

Courtesy of http://womenlovebeauty.com

Shu Uemura claims that it provides benefit such as:
  • Hybrid Pigments - advanced technology to bring brightness and fidelity of color to the lips.
  • Dual Shimmer Complex - multiple pearls and shimmers help achieve various shine effects.
  • Aqua Soft Pump - leaves lips hydrated and comfortable.

Some reviews said that, although it has a texture like lip gloss, but it's more like a lip cream, it stains all day with matte finish. Another plus for me, since i have been longing to find a perfect matte lipstick that could leave a beautiful stain until the day ends.

With IDR 325,000 as price tag, I will definitely think twice to buy this with my own cost. Simply because the most expensive lipstick I've ever purchased is the Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge but it was still under IDR 300,000 (and I just bought a new one two weeks ago). It just doesn't make any sense if I have to buy another high end lipstick at the moment :( Oh, how I want this so BAD!

PS. I got this new year's eve party invitation from a friend and that would be SO PERFECT if this lip and cheek tint could be mine. Its long lasting stain would complement my make up all through the night.^.~ xoxo

Carnellin, please do make my wish come true ;)

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