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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kid's Birthday Party and Elsa Inspired Look

15 June 2014, my daughter was turning three. I was drowned in the preps for the whole week, that's why I haven't posted anything on my blog lately. For the birthday theme, she chose Frozen over Minions and other Disney's Princesses. She's so into Let-It-Go euphoria :D

To match with her wardrobe and the blue-themed decoration, I was suddenly inspired by Queen Elsa's look. Yes, that pale-skinned, light smokey eyes, and the wine-y lips. Before we start, let's take a look how Queen Elsa looks alike in the movie. Though I guess, many ladies here have already created Elsa's make up before, when joining a MUC, complete with the blonde wig and her braided-hair.

Queen Elsa of Arandelle
The look that I want to show here is super minimalist, as I only had 10 minutes time to prepare myself (and spending the rest to prepare my 'princess'). My daughter likes Anna more than Elsa, because Anna is cute and sassy, so I think she's easier to be remembered by kids.

Here's the quick 10 minutes look:

The cold never bothered me anyway
For the first time in forever
Do you wanna build a snowman?

 Product I used:
- Tony Moly Dear Me Petite BB Cream #1 Cotton Beige
- Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder
- Tony Moly Party Lover Brow Kit in Brown
- Sariayu Inspirasi Borneo Trio Eyeshadow in Manik Banuaka
- MUA Powder Blush shade #1
- Mizzu Eyeliner Pen in Black
- Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Cherry Bomb
- TheBalm Mary Loumanizer for highlight 

Thankfully, the party went well. Even though it's school holiday, 3/4 of her friends were coming to celebrate. Thanks all for the wishes.

Happy 3rd birthday my dearest Andhara <3

Birthday balloons

How much are you inspired by this current most-favorite Disney movie? 

I am a lot! :*
Thanks for visiting my blog, see you in my next post ~xoxo~


  1. cakep mba! aku suka warna lipsticknya! btw happy birthday buat Andhara yaaa!

    1. Thanks, Imel. Makasih yaaaaa :* *pelukciumdaridhara

  2. You chose the right lipstick for this look :D it looked fantastic~


    1. hi Gabby, thanks for the compliment. I followed your blog, mind to follow mine? You are so pretty and I suddenly fell in love with your blog :)