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Monday, June 2, 2014

Make Over Le Secret Fantaisie Launching Event Report (EOTD with the Freebies)

On Tuesday, 20 May 2014, I was attending the Make Over event when they launched the Spring/Summer Make Up Collection called "Le Secret Fantaisie" at the Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta.

No less than 40 beauty bloggers came (I was too lazy to count exactly :p), and as this was my second event after self-claiming as one of Indonesian beauty bloggers, I was so happy since I met new friends to share the same passion with me. I wasn't being to aggressive since I was quite a newbie, I paid attention to what they're doing and adapting myself (as much as I have to) as they're mostly at they're early twenties or even younger (well, I know how OLD I am now, though they surprisingly thought that I was 22 *play Taylor Swift's song immediately* *bitch-slapped*)

First of all, I loved how Make Over decorated the room and table arrangement. It was very detailed, with a glass jar of lollipops (or candies) with each of our name tag, showing us where to sit. Other words, they were giving us opportunity to get-to-know-stranger, rather than sitting with the-person-that-you-already-know :) The event started with the launching of Spring/Summer make up collection labelled Le Secret Fantaisie, along with the short video that showing the 4 variants of Make Over Trivia Eye Shadow, including 1 lip color. They are (see picture below, from left to right):

Dolly Crush "The Doll" : Feminine pretty charming lovely chic playful adorable dainty
Magical Fairy Tale "The Flamboyant" : Lively fresh whimsical vivid feisty warm vibrant fascinating.
Enchanting Nude Spell "The Lady" : Natural classy elegant simple enchanting ladylike classic sophisticated.
Love At First Sight "The Bombshell" : Glamorous irresistible seductive exquisite mysterious stunning daring bold.

In this event, Make Over also invited Mr. Wilson Eng, a prominent MUA from Singapore. He demonstrated the tutorial using this collection on model.

The result was very sheer soft eye make up but pretty, especially because the model has pale skin. As for me or many Indonesians, it will be a bit hard to apply this kind of look. We should add some more bold colors to make our eyes stand out.

Make Over also held the make up competition and selfie competition to be upload in their Instagram account (@makeoverid) and twitter. I tried to do some experiments during the show, but I am still amateur on eye make up, so the result was disappointing so-so :)

The picture above shows me eye make up using Enchanting Nude Spell "The Lady", the one that most suitable for daily look. Apparently I found that the brown color isn't too intense to fulfill my liking. So, for this shade, I'll pass. This one was included in the freebies that I got after the event.

Yesterday, when I was attending a relative's wedding reception, I tried the other palette that I got from the goodie bag. It is the Magical Fairy Tale "The Flamboyant". I personally hesitate to pick the blue eyeshadow, as I thought it would be contrast with my skin color. But, I found that the 'blue' in this palette is rather pretty and matches to any skin tone. 

Last but not least, I enjoyed the event and thanked Make Over for the invitation. Besides bringing home some good new stuff from Make Over, there was also a photo booth so I got 3 pictures with other beauty bloggers. Hey, I feel young! :D

   See you soon on the next post ~xoxo~



  1. wah seru ya acaranya, sayangnya aku gak bisa dateng :(

    1. Iya Raden, kamu gak ada ya aku cariin loh padahal :) Next time ketemu lagi ya di event yang lain ~

  2. Hello Intan,, Nice report and nice to meet u dear (^^)


    1. Halo sayang, thanks udah mampir. Aku follow blog-mu yaaa :)