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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #7 Tea Rose: Pretty but Sticky

I guess I am now in my active phase for blogging.

Three posts within a week. Even this week is yet to finish. So, I probably will post some more. Just be prepared :D

This time, a lipstick. Well, not exactly a lipstick though, some say it's more like a lipstain. They claim this range as liquid creamy lipstain that dries in matte velvet finish. This is my first Korean product that listed in my lipstick stash. 

At first I was very attracted with the packaging and color selections. So cute, feel like in the middle of the blooming roses somewhere outhere. But our parents always said not to judge the book by its cover.

I chose the shade #7 Tea Rose, simply because I am a fan of nude lipstick. Tea Rose is the most neutral shade of all. It has a slight peachy brown undertone and looks wearable on any occasion.

So, even though shade #8 After blossom is the most favorite, I insisted to buy Tea rose instead. See the swatches picture above, don't you think Tea rose is pweety? Alright, let's start my review:


Beautiful. Even the box looks stunningly elegant. I love the combination of white and pink flowers. However, the tube is quite hard to press so it needs effort to squeeze the product out from tube. It also has weakness on the sponge tip, if you are considering for hygiene, it definitely will turn you off.

The oh-so-pretty box...

...and overall packaging.

SHADE 3.5/5.0

The shade is a little disappointment. It washed me out! At first I was confused on how this lovely peachy color could wash me out. I am even regularly applying Make Up Forever Rouge Artist #1 Mat Flesh which is super pale, but it doesn't wash me out at all.

MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #1 Mat Flesh


Gosh, I was expecting more for this creamy lipstain, but I ended up thinking that the consistency is way too creamy to blend out. I even felt it more on sticky side. Meh.


Didn't you see that even the swatch looks uneven on the back of my hand? It's worse on lips, and it accentuates the dry patches.

FINISH 2.5/5.0

Nevertheless, besides the uneven consistency and the color that successfully washed me out, this lipstain also dries out my lips, right after application. I know, I probably need to apply lip balm underneath or scrub my lip first to make it smoother, but that's not what you supposed to do before applying a matte finish lipstick/lipstain because it wouldn't give you the real matte effect. So, I would say NO to this. I only used it 1x, I even could not sell this as preloved because the sponge tip applicator is not hygienic at all. After all, I think this product would just sit on my make up case forever. ~xoxo~

I am sorry Etude, you failed me this time :(

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