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Thursday, December 18, 2014

[Review] Sleek Blush On in Rose Gold: Who Needs NARS Orgasm Anyway?

Hola, hello!

I am back. Yes, successfully back to write another post since I have been absent for...2 months???!! Don't ask me what kind of blogger I am, but my activities were just unbearably super tight. I mean super tight that I couldn't even breath and relax.

I visited three cities in Japan in October for holiday with my hubby and little daughter, sold my apartment and managed to buy an indent house. I left my job and moving to another project which, thankfully, still under the same roof. However, the new project is an ongoing project so I had to catch everything up very soon and within the first month I had to go somewhere for business trip. Time flies and so here is December.

Before moving forward, I'll post some of our pictures during autumn in Japan :)

Eikando Shrine, Kyoto

Universal Studio Japan, Osaka

Shibuya Square, Tokyo

Ah, forget it. I have been officially back into reality X)

Okay, so the first item came up in my mind after a long break is my current favorite blush on from Sleek Cosmetics.

You might have heard a lot about Sleek Cosmetics since it is famous for the iDivine eye shadow palette. They have been well known as the gorgeous, good UK brand with reasonable price and decent quality. The eye palette itself, I have none. Not because I didn't like them, but I have been searching and waiting for its Arabian Night Collection to be re-launched. Or maybe they are not going to make this as permanent range, too bad :(

Courtesy of http://lipdrama.blogspot.com/2014/07/sleek-makeups-arabian-nights-i-divine.html

I mean, look at this palette. How could I not love the jewel-toned, bold and beautiful palette like this?

Okay, back to topic. I bought the Sleek Blush On in Rose Gold back in late October, as I had been using The Balm Cindy Lou Manizer as my daily blush+highlighter. But somehow I feel like I didn't need to use highlighter everyday (although Cindy Lou is very versatile and doesn't have those chunky glitters not even gritty sparkles. At that time I needed to be a little bit rational since I have spent a lot in Japan, and I have been wanting to try NARS Orgasm because I am now liking the barely-seen-blush style on my face. After did some research, I saw that this Sleek blush is totally the same with Orgasm. Wanna see?

NARS Orgasm - Courtesy of beautylish.com

Sleek Blush On - Rose Gold
What's good?

:: The color! It's peachy pink that looks pinkier than NARS Orgasm on the pan. Yes, it's a bit pinkier but only a slight little. That wouldn't make any difference on your cheek.
:: The golden sheen is very, very nice! It's like putting the blush and highlighter at the same time, saving a lot of your time, everywhere.
:: Packaging is as SLEEK as its name. It won't consume space in my daily make up kit.
:: It has a quite large mirror in it. Even though the packaging is small, but the size of the mirror is as big as the blush.
:: Price. I really think that nobody would need to buy NARS Orgasm if they could have the same thing at 1/4 price.

What's missing?

* Though I know it is the consequence of having a sleek packaging, I still wish that it comes with brush :D
* Staying power is...not that long. It stays for 6-8 hours on me. But I think NARS would do the same on my face (based on my previous experience with NARS Angelika). My face is way too oily. The only blush that stays until 12 hours is only Lover by Illamasqua :)

See the golden sheen? I am no longer using my messy highlighter for daily.

Well, I am totally happy with this item and I think I will stick to this until I hit the pan in the next couple of months. Usually I am not easy to be pleased by blushers, but if I love one blush, I would finish it to the last swipe.

See you on my next post!


  1. salah satu lini kosmetik favorit saya neh, harganya terjangkau kualitas juga bagus ;)

    1. Hai hai, makasih udah mampir dan komen. Iyaa, ini keren banget lho, bener2 mirip sama Orgasm (temenku yang pake aja sampe gak notice dan dia pikir itu NARS Orgasm nya yang aku pake :)