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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Definitely A-Must-Have Sleek Blush by 3

Hello beauties!

Today I am going to review a very compact and versatile blushes from Sleek makeup, it is called Blush by 3.
There was a huge discount at www.luxola.com in late 2013 so I decided to give a try to this. I heard some great reviews from others regarding Sleek makeup, particularly on the i-Divine Eye Shadow palette and the Blush by 3. 

There are 5 choices on Blush by 3 as you can see in the picture above. I took it from Sleek’s official website.

I picked Pumpkin, because in one palette I could get 3 different colours; Orange, Pink and Red (Coral), while the others are more monotones by theme: either it's all corally, all bronzy, all mauvey, with different color intensities for each blush.

Pumpkin is different.

It consists of Lantern, Squash and P Pie. The names are weird, aren't they? :D

Lantern in the most pigmented of all. In the pan, the color seems frightening, but trust me, if it is well blended on skin, this will give you a very gorgeous color. It's a deep coral rose with hint of pink. However, it is most suitable for medium-dark skin.
Squash is a medium pink with warm undertones. It is also very pigmented but it looks much softer after blending on cheeks. It gives you a beautiful natural flush pink.

P Pie should have been my favorite. This attracts me most when I first saw the Blush by 3 collections. The color reminds me of NARS Taj Mahal which I hesitate to buy because it's extremely pricey. This is the real orang-y color rather than just peachy or apricot. The color pay-off is incredible, too. But, I found that amongst three, P Pie is the most difficult to blend. When a super pigmented blush is hard to be blended out, it could make you look clown-y. The big minus that makes me love Lantern more on this palette.

Blush by 3 - PUMPKIN

(top-bottom) P Pie, Squash, Lantern. Looks scary at the first sight
Less scary when you apply these lightly on your cheeks
Gorgeous after blended well

My rate for this product is 4.1 out of 5.0

I love this product because it's really compact and thin. As sleek as its name. The black packaging also looks expensive, yet I prefer glossy texture rather than doff because it collects dust easily. The large mirror inside is a plus, because I really need a big mirror when I apply make up in the car every morning. 

The colors' pay off is superb, the longevity is also great. It stays on my super oily face for at least 8 hours. The price? It only cost around USD 16 (last time I bought, I got 30% discount at Luxola, so stay tuned for their seasonal sale!), though i had to combine with other products until IDR 350,000 so that I could be qualified for free shipping. Well, it wasn't such a big deal though :)) Above all, it's a must-have if you like to do the make up experiment, because by bringing 1 compact blush with three different colors, it will match your outfit like ANYTIME. ~ xoxo

I am wearing a tiny amount of Lantern, blended with angled brush


  1. Aku jugak punyaaa, yang Lace tapiiiii :D

  2. Haiii Melodia, yang Lace gimanaa? Review dong. Kayaknya bagus juga yaaaa, tapi lebih ke nuansa Coral semua ya? :)

  3. wah hasilnya natural ya , ak sih lagi penasaran sama contour & highlighternya sleek , katanya bagus sihh heheh


  4. Halo Catherine!

    Iya hasilnya bisa jadi natural asal gak over-used dan mesti di-blend banget. Katanya produk Sleek bagus2 kok, dicoba aja, tunggu Luxola diskon ;D